Echuca Frozen Foods have an extensive list of products for you to choose from.

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Tasty Shredded Cheese 2kg

Mozzarella Shredded Cheese 2 kg

Mainland Tasty Cheese Slices 90’s 1.5 kg

Bega Cheddar Cheese Sliced 1.5 kg

Cheeses Burger High Melt 96’s

Parmesian Shaved 1 kg

Cream Cheese 2 kg

Lemno’s Feta Cheese 2 kg

South Cape Danish Feta 2 kg

Haloumi Cheese 2 kg

Camembert Cheese 250 gm

Mascarpone Cheese 1 kg

Chris’s Natural Greek Yoghurt 1 kg

Natural Greek Yoghurt 10kg

Eoss Creamy Yogurt 10 kg

Bon Appetit Creamy Yoghurt 10 kg

Coulis 1.25 lt – Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Mango, Strawberry, Blackberry

Margarine 1 kg (12)

Western Star Butter P/C 8 gm (200)

Western Star Butter Unsalted 1.5 kg (8)

Western Star Butter 1.5 kg (8)

Garlic Butter 10 kg

Crushed Garlic 1 kg & 2 kg

Crushed Ginger & Chilli 1 kg

Woods Caesar Salad Dressing 2 kg

Woods Tomato Relish 2 kg & 10 kg

Semi Dried Tomatoes 2 kg

Beetroot Relish 2.5 kg

Woods Whole Egg Mayo 2 kg

Hellman’s Aioli 2 kg

Hellman’s Ranch Dressing 2 kg

Basil Pesto 2 kg

Tzatiki Garlic Sauce 1 lt

Sour Lite  Cream 2.2 lt

Thickened Cream 5 lt

Whipped Cream Can 500 gm

Anchor Cooking Cream 1 lt

Eggs Filler 600 gm (15 dozen)

KR Saveloys 5 kg

KR Hot Dogs Skinless Cont 8″ & 10″ 2.5 kg

KR Cocktail Franks 5 kg

Virginian Ham R/W

Ham On The Bone R/W

Sliced Shoulder & Leg Ham 1 kg

Puopolo Shredd Pizza Ham 4 kg (12 kg)

Roast Beef Cooked R/W

Cooked Turkey Breast R/W

Mid Rash Rindless Bacon 2.5 kg (5kg)

Short Cut Bacon 2.5 kg (5kg)

Grain Fed Scotch R/W

Eye Fillet Scotch R/W

Scotch Fillet R/W

Salmami Mild & Hot 1 kg

Pepperoni 1 kg

Carols Chicken Meat 1 kg

Fresh Chicken Meat

Pre Order Monday for Tuesday/Wednesday Delivery

Pre Order Wednesday for Thursday/Friday Delivery

All Fresh Chicken to be Ordered before 3 pm Monday & Wednesday


Hazelnuts 1 kg

Pecans 1kg

Pistachio 1kg

Whole Macadamia & No 6 Crushed 1kg

Walnut Pieces 1kg

Unsalted Peanuts 1 kg

Crushed Nuts 1 kg

Unsalted Cashews 1kg

Pine Kernals 1kg

Almond Meal 1 kg

Almonds – Slithered, Flaked, Whole, Blanched 1 kg

Sultana’s 1 kg

Raisins 1 kg

Dates Pitted 1kg

Figs 1kg

Turkish Apricots 1 kg

Coconut Shredded/Desicated 1 kg

Polenta Yellow/White 1 kg

*NEW* Now available

Kyvalley Full Cream Milk & Reduced Fat 2 Lt & 1 Lt

Kyvalley Cream 5 LT

Assorted varieties & sizes *Fresha Fruit Juice* available