For all your cleaning and packaging requirements, peruse our list here.  Echuca Frozen Foods have an extensive list of cleaning and packaging products for you to choose from.

Download the Cleaning & Packaging list pdf here

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Bleach (25lt)

Chux Blue Roll (45m)

De Greaser (20ltr)

De Greaser Big Red (5ltr)

Dish Washing liquid (20lt)

Dish Washing liquid (5lt)

Detergent All Purpose (5lt)

Eucy Wash (5ltr)

Eucy Wash (20ltr)

Floor Cleaner Detergent


Detergent Food Surface (5ltr)

Detergent Grill Cleaner (5ltr)

Food Handling Gloves (Large 100s)

Food Handling Gloves (Medium)

Food Handling Gloves (Small)

Hand Soap (5ltr)

Hand Soap (20ltr)

Handy Towels Interleaved

Grn & Gld Scourers (10pkt)

Toilet Paper Rolls

Glass Cleaner (5ltr)


10 Long White Bags (250s)

12 Long White Bags (500s)

6 Long Bleach (500s)

8 Long White Bags (500s)

Coffee Cup No. 12 Ripple C/B (1000s)

Coffee Cups 16oz (Large)

Coffee Cups No. 8

Coffee Cup Lids No 12

Coffee Cups Lids No 8 sipper

Chip Cups

Foam Cnt Hamb IP1 (200s)

Foam Cnt Snk Pak IP4 (300s)

Round Container Lids (500s)

Plastic Container Wedge (200)

Cake Tray Grey No.22

Cake Tray No.23 (250s)

Cake Tray No.24 (250s)

Cake Tray 25 Premium White (200s)

Foil 30×150

Foil 44×150

Foil Heavy Duty 45cm

Plastic Forks (1000s)

Freezer Bags 250 x 300

GP Paper x 4 (1/2) Chinese

GP Paper x 4 (1/2) Foopac Prem

Foo Pak 1/2 Cut GPP Yellow

GP Paper x 6 (1/3) Chinese

Paper x 3 (1/3) Foopac Prem

G/proof Paper 1/4 Chinese

GP Paper 1/4 FOOTPAC Prem

Plain Hot Dog Bags (1000s)

Plastic Knifes (1000s)

Milk Shake Cups (500s)

Milkshake Cup Lids (1000s)

Napkins-1 ply Lunch White

Dispenser Napkins

Souvlaki Bags Print GPL (500s)

Slap Sheet Box (10,000) (4)

Snack Food Boxes (Large)

Snack Food Boxes (Medium)

Snack Food Boxes (Small)

Plastic Tea Spoons (1000s)


Plastic Straws

Souvlaki Bags Print Glss (500s)

Whitenews (15kg)