Whether you are catering for a small party or a large wedding, Echuca Frozen Foods have an extensive list of finger food products for you to choose from.

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Hakka Medium Spring rolls (36)

Hakka Cocktail Spring Rolls (96)

Marathon Mini Beef Dim Sims (1kg)

Marathon Chicken Beef Dim Sims (1kg)

Flame Grilled Meat Balls (1kg)

Fish Cocktails Pacific West (1kg)

Chicko Chicken & Garlic Balls (1kg)

Inghams Chicken Nuggets Crumbed (1kg)

Steggles Chicken Nuggets Stay Crisp (1kg)

Steggles Chicken Nuggets Tempura (1kg)

Beef Croquette Chicko (48)

T/B Party Pies (8 X 12 PK)

T/B Party Sausage Rolls (8 x12 PK)

Patties Party Pies (72’s)

Patties Combo Party Quiche (72s)

Patties Party Pasties (72s)

Party Sausage Rolls (72s)