Echuca Frozen Foods have an array of beautiful fish and seafood on offer.  Whether you are a restaurant, or a home chef catering for a large party, you will enjoy what we have in stock.

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Fish Fillets

Barracouta Fillets (10kg)

Barramundi Fillets 100/200

Barramundi Fillets 200/300

Bassa Fillets 4/6 – 6/8

Flathead Fillets

Flounder Fillets

Hake 4/6

Hake Skinless 4/6

Hoki 4/6 – 6/8

Hoki Skinless 4/6 – 6/8

Snapper Fillets

Whiting Fillets

Salmon P/C 200 gm S/On

Smoked Salmon (1kg)

Barramundi P/C 200 gm S/On

Flake Hand cut 60’s

Flake Hand cut 70’s

Flake Hand cut 80’s

Coated Fish & Seafood

P/W Tempura Fish (145gm)

P/W Beer Battered Fish (180gm)

P/W Beer Battered Fish Fillets (85g)

P/W Battered Flathead Fillets (3kg)

Pale Ale Battered Flathead (3kg)

Markwell Beer Battered Flathead (3kg)

Battered Flake 30’s GEM

Battered Flake 30’s Moka

Battered Flake 30’s Atlantic

Seafood Basket PacWest (20pk)

Moka Battered Crab Sticks

Gem Battered Crab Sticks

Bay Seafood Battered crab sticks (1kg)

Unwrapped Crab Sticks (1kg)

Chicko Fish Cakes 3.6 Kg

Prawns & Shrimp

Crumbed Prawn Burger (1kg)

Nicherei Crumb Prawn 10/15 (1Kg)

Pac West Crumb Prawns 16/20 (1kg)

Prawn Tempura 16/20 (large)

Cooked Prawns 10/15 IMP (13kg)

BT Prawns Marinated 16-20 (1kg)

Garlic Mar B/T Prawn 21/25 (10)

Prawn Cutlets 31/40 Cooked (1kg)

Pac West Med Panco Prawns (1kg)

Prawn Twister Markwell (1kg)

Shrimps Cooked 100/200 (1kg)

Shrimps Cooked 150/300 (1kg)

Shrimps Cooked 60/90 (1kg)


Sea Shanty (2kg)

Seafood Salad Mix (10)

Arrow Calamari Ring (3kg)

Calamari Rings Independent (1kg )

Pac West tempura Squid Rings (1kg)

Panko Squid Rings PacWest (4kg)

A & T Torpedo Salt & Pepper Calalmari (1kg)

Squid Tubes Pnpl Cut Oceanic U5 (5kg)

Salt & Pepper Calamari P/W (1kg)

Calamari Tubes U/5 T/Sail (5kg)

Red Coral Squid Strippers (1kg)

Marinara Mix Kingfisher (1kg)

Mussel Meat Half Shell (1kg)

Scallop CHN 30/40 Oceanic (1kg)

Bay seafoods Crumbed Scallops (2kg)

Yokohama Scallops 20-30 (1kg)

Scallop Japanese Kailis 20/30 (1kg)

Yokohama Scallops 30/40 (1kg)

P/W Battered Scallops (1kg)